From humble beginnings as a wholefoods food truck in Papamoa Beach, Garden of Eden has evolved into a social change agency fueled by wholefoods and caffeine. We use our love of food to promote health, social change and connection in our community.

The right cup of coffee can support an entire community overseas. In one meal at a cafe; the kale could support a local farmer down the road and the eggs support a family across the street. We want to make sure our food not only comes from good places, but does good things to the community and your body.

Currently based in Taipei, we are journeying toward opening a space in New Zealand in the near future. We are using this time of transition to dig deep: looking at what is currently affecting our community and environment and understanding the power we have to make change. We ant to create a space where everyone is welcome, where world changing discussions are had and where people can connect over lovingly made food and outstanding coffee.

Read about how we came to be here, check out our Taipei and NZ based events here and flick through our blog to hear about other inspirational world changers right here.